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Auricular acupuncture southampton
Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal medicine
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Acupuncture is the use of sterile, stainless steel, disposable needles about the size of two hairs, inserted approximately 2mm into specific stimulation points in the skin.   Each point has its own function and effect on the body’s Qi.

Qi “pronounced Chi” is considered to be the life force, the energy that powers the body, mind and spirit.  Wellness is achieved when the Qi is balanced.  Negative symptoms are considered to be an imbalance of Qi.   Acupuncture’s goal is to help patients Qi achieve balance.

Symptoms of imbalance may appear onmental, emotional or physical levels. Treatment is best when we pay attention to small, initial symptoms before they get too big.

Using the NADA 5 point protocol, we stimulate specific points in the ear in order to address problematic symptoms that a patient may display. The ear is seen as a 'microsystem'. This means that there are stimulation points in the ear that relate to every possible part of the body.

What does Auricular Acupuncture Treat?

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Cravings (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, caffeine, food etc.)

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Energy levels

  • Pain

  • Anger

  • Fear/Paranoia

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Confidence

  • Physical Conditions

NADA UK Five Point Protocol

5 small needles are inserted into skin on the ear.

Points that we may stimulate during our sessions with descriptions of the symptoms they treat:


Shen Men

Calms the heart, soothes the mind, descends Qi, and regulates excitation and inhibition. This point possesses sedative, analgesic and antiallergenic functions.

Use:Calms the mind, treats insomnia, restlessness and excessive sensitivity.  It promotes lower abdominal circulation, harmonises the liver and reduces high blood pressure. This point reduces stress and anxiety very effectively.

Related Emotions: Sadness and depression.



Effective in relieving visceral pain and cramps, vassal spasm, constriction and spasm of arterial and vena.
Use: Strong pain killing action relieving contractions in intestinal organs. This point causes dilation of blood vessels and is used for treating many vascular/arterial related disorders. It is used for treating night sweats or involuntary perspiration. It is also effective for treating eye disease and is widely used in the treatment of anxiety.
Related Emotions: Anxiety, worry and nervousness.



Tones, warms and nourishes the kidneys. Reinforces the kidney to hold Qi and build physiological strength.
Use: Cleanses damage caused by drugs, medications and alcohol. Strengthens kidney function. Can address nervous deafness and dental problems.  Strengthens the lumber spine, aids brain tissue, assists urination and sharpens the eyes and ears.  Stimulates head hair.

This point additionally nourishes sperm and can be used in fertility treatment.
Related Emotions: Fear, paranoia, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and sexual-dysfunction.



Regulates functions of the liver (storing blood, maintaining patency for the flow of Qi and controlling the tendons). This point harmonises the liver and spleen (stomach). Nourishes Yin (calm nourishing energy) and restrains the Yang (active fire-filled energy).
Use: Regulating blood circulation, improving eye sight, strengthening stomach and digestion.  Relieves chest heaviness, generalised soreness and pain.  Reduces abdominal distension and treats depression. This point reduces dizzy spells, convolutions, fainting, haemorrhage disease and iron deficiency anaemia.
Related Emotions: Denial, anger, violence, irritability and depression.



Promotes lung function, improves respiration, skin and hair. Transports nutrients (blood and Qi) and regulates metabolism.
Use: This point controls breathing, regulates body temperature and promotes circulation of oxygenated blood.  Effective in treating oedema, night sweats, skin disease/irritation and laryngitis. The lung and large intestines are intimately related and this point is effective for treating enteritis and diarrhoea.
Related Emotions: Holding on to negative emotions, grief and lack of motivation.

Will Auricular Acupuncture Work for Me?


Acupuncture has been found to be very effective for patients who:

  •  May not be receptive initially to verbal counselling.

  • Are in denial and need to become more accepting of the need to address issues.

  • Are in emotional distress, anxiety, depression, acute or post-acute withdrawal.

  • Need a simple, non-threatening, yet structured opportunity to begin coping with chemical issues of substance or medication reliance.


The Clinical Effects of Auricular Acupuncture


  • Clients profess an increased sense of relaxation without need for additional comfort (from food, alcohol or medication.)

  • Prevents overwhelming.   Physical and psychological.

  • Relaxation provides relief from physical and psycho-emotional suffering.

  • The process is non-verbal and caring which undercuts strong verbal barriers to entering and remaining in treatment to address issues.

  • Clients experience directly that they have the capacity inside their bodies to feel good and develop trust in their body’s capacity to heal.

Reduced cravings

  • Sugar, tobacco, medication, alcohol, caffeine.

  • This effect is not tied to the resolution of personal problems.  Therefore,  reduced craving effects can be felt prior to the underlying problem being addressed.

Reduction of withdrawal symptoms

  • Surveys of patients symptoms indicate a 90% relief of withdrawal symptoms when reducing medications or substances.

Better Sleep

  •  Acupuncture will provide relief from most cases of insomnia short term and support deeper, more refreshing sleep long term.  This is an important asset to individuals being asked to return to their active life.

  • Acupuncture is known to promote REM sleep, which is usually disrupted by chemicals and stress.

  • Clients report less negative dreams.

  • Sleep relief can be supported by herbal teas.


Treatment Plan - Options

Acupuncture is an enjoyable experience for anyone wishing to relax in a safe, peaceful environment. It is recommended that patients decide on a treatment plan based on their individual issues or needs.

All acupuncture treatments includes the stimulation of points via sterile needles and a structured, guided relaxation exercise (Qi Gong) or a self-meditation session (dependent on the patient’s preference).

Acute Treatment
For patients who have an acute or specific issue that they would like to work on, it is recommended that acupuncture is undertaken at least once per week until symptoms improve (6 week courses available).

Wellbeing Maintenance
For patients who simply want to keep relaxation in their lives, or wish to maintain their improved level wellbeing following a course with us,   I would recommended a minimum of once monthly treatments. However, acupuncture can be appreciated and effects can be seen even at random intervals if simply seeking some tranquility.

Ear Magnets/Ear Seeds

Patients who wish to intensify the effects of their acupuncture session can opt to add an ear magnet or ear seed treatment to the end of their session. Once the practitioner has removed the acupuncture needles from the ear, a magnet or seed can be placed upon the pressure point and secured with adhesive tape. This will keep the point stimulated for a much longer duration and keep the effects of the treatment strong. These magnets or seeds can be massaged by the patient at any point, to add additional stimulation to the point and bring about a feeling of calm and relaxation. These magnets or seeds are not permanent and the duration that they remain adhered to the ear depends on multiple factors including shape of the ear and personal care.

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