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The owner of Equilibrium Sports and Wellbeing is Emma Rogers MBPsS. Emma has been a qualified NADA auricular acupuncturist since April 2012 and qualified sports acupuncturist since 2016. She obtained a Bsc Hons in Psychology in 2008 and worked in the field of addiction and mental health (for the NHS) from 2010 to 2015.  She is also a qualified sports therapist.

Emma Rogers sports therapy southampton
Emma Rogers Sports massage and Acupuncture
Emma Rogers Sports massage southampton

Emma began providing acupuncture to her patients in 2012, as the NHS recognised a need for additional non-medication based treatments for substance addicted clients. The acupuncture treatments proved to be a very popular choice and patients quickly reported an increased ability to relax and new found outlook on their issues. Over the past 5 years, Emma has worked with patients in one to one, and group settings, to support them to address their issues and regain control in their lives. Emma has extensive experience of delivering emotional therapies such as life coaching, as well as delivering other holistic therapies such as auricular acupuncture.

Due to the obvious benefits that acupuncture and one to one emotional support has provided to her NHS patients, Emma has decided to offer private treatment to individuals experiencing difficulties with, or looking for additional support to engage in alongside, more clinical treatments. Emma will be offering consultations to all of her patients in order to create individualised treatment plans designed to focus on the variety of emotional, physical and social factors which may be causing discomfort, adding in the well known benefits of massage to aid recovery if required.

Emma works alongside other sports therapists, counselors, beauty therapists, personal trainers and sports coaches in the Southampton area. Upon booking an appointment, you will be seeing Emma. However, if there is need for referral or you require additional therapists for an event, another can be provided immediately.

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